exhibitions and projects


Actual projects:

„Cheap Gas Series“

„Gap Work“

„Random circuits“

„Six-ender“, „Twelve-ender“ urban and forest interventions

„Manopartichelle“, worldwide

„Asphalt Rundown“ Pieces



Invisible Art and its Didactic Perspectives (PhD thesis)

award of the von Steiner Foundation

Scholarship of the Academic Exchange Service of Germany (DAAD)


Selection of projects and exhibitions

Travel Pieces: Cheap gas Series, Random Circuits, Gap Pieces, Manoparticelle,

„Art and Technology“ Exhibition at the Stäubli AG Bayreuth Forum

„Fieldwork“  Kunstverein Neubeuern

„Kronachtal“ video

„Ringfeld“ Sigismund Chapel Regensburg

„Spirale di Roma“ Water spirals Rome, various Places

„declination modules“, combined hollow square windings Rachel Haferkamp Gallery Cologne

Field Simulations „Declination Modules“

„Field painting“ (mural project proposal for Fortalezza, Brazil)

„de magnete“ Exhibition at Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Cologne, E, K

„Peixe“ performance and sculpture, Teresina Brazil

„Frutas e Verduras“ magnetic fields employing local fruit and vegetables, Teresina Brazil

„Field Simulations – Amazon Expedition“ Dresden Ansys User Congress

„Field Simulations“ Schaffhausen Energy Exhibition

„Campo Magnêtico Concêntrico“ Sao Paulo Show field simulations“

„parasite“ site-specific magnets „Michael Wesely Amazon Expedition“

„Magnet Angola“ site-specific magnet „Károly Koller Angola Project“

„drop sculpture“ throwing work, Bayreuth, Munich

„navegar“ floating magnets on the Rio Xingú, Altamira

„paraSite“ Museu Estadual do Paraná, Curitiba, G

„navegar“, Museu Estadual do Piauí, Teresina, E (picture)

„Desenho e Composição“, Courses at the FUFPI University Teresina 1999/2000

„Fast Breeder“ on the occasion of MALSCH, Atelier Wesely Munich

„paraSite“ – small magnetic field interventions Worldwide

„Work-specific parasites“: „Lecture parasite Art Academy Nuremberg“, „Border Field“

„Flôres 1 and 2“ installations in Teresina in the district of Morada Nova

„Restricted Information Space 83.3MHz“ exhibition space Balanstrasse, Munich,

„Information Container Units“ on the occasion of the Bavarian Wirtschaftswochen, Croatia Zagreb

„Big Bang Cano“ Installation in the district Renascença, Teresina

„Restricted Information Space“, installation anl. by „jelängerjelieber“, art bunker, Nuremberg

„Magnetfeld 5“ Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstrasse, Munich,

„Field generator“ contribution to the exhibition at Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland

„Magnetic field – Desenhos em Papel“ Gallery 7 de Setembro, Teresina

„Magnetic Intervention Place“ Installation on the occasion of „Im Park“, Munich, G, KB

„Magnetic field 3“ Gallery Schmid-Lindinger, Regensburg

„Variable Magnetic Structure“ Installation, Dependence of the Art Academy Munich,

„Campo Magnêtico Concêntrico de Teresina“ Installations in the urban space of Teresina

„Procurando o Espaço Imaginário“ Lecture CIARTE Teresina

„Campo Magnêtico Concêntrico de São Paulo“ Museu de Arte Contemporânea de São Paulo

„Conceitos para o Espaço Público“ Course at the FAAP University São Paulo

„Conceitos para o Espaço Público“ Course at the FUFPI-University, Dep. CAC, Teresina

„Flôr Azul“ Organization and conception of the exhibition of student works, Teresina

„São Paulo Street Piece“ annual exhibition Kunstakademie München, G

„Projeto – „t“ temperature-changing interventions in urban space“, Goethe Institute, São Paulo, E, K

„Concept Art“ lecture, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de São Paulo,

„Durchgangsheizung“ exhibition contribution at „Venire alle Mani“ Pasing/Munich G „Abbildungsfaktor ‚t'“ Kunstakademie Munich

„Connecting roads“ Temperature measurements of the roads from Munich to Lisbon

„Luggage Carrier“, Performance, Munich Subway

„Hochsitz“ installation and performance, Munich

„Radiobaracke“ shortwave radio transmitter and antenna system, Academy of Fine Arts Munich

„Six Cities – Yesterday’s Temperature“ Art Academy Munich