parasitic work



Electromagnets that develop their fields depending on a host and temporarily superimpose the earth’s magnetic field. They depend on the specific properties of the objects used: urban or rural finds, technical or archaeological artefacts, or even works of art.



small battery or solar cell operated electromagnets, made of copper wire and wrapped around host objects superimposing the magnetic field of the earth locally.  Installed at different points North and South America, Europe and Asia



frutas e veduras

Copper wire wound around local fruit is supplied with electrical energy by a galvanic system via the fruit acid and thus generates a field structure which locally superimposes the earth’s magnetic field.




Small fiberglass boats are placed in the waters of the Rio Xingu (an Amazon tributary). They are equipped with a solar cell that feeds the electromagnet inside them. On their way downstream, on sunny days, the boats generate local earth magnetic field interferences. Previous exhibition in the Landesmuseum of the Brasilian State of Piaui .