magnetic field structures



This complex of works includes objects and installations that locally rearrange the order of the earth’s magnetic field. Large-scale fields are installed in the museum and gallery context, such as the „double concentric magnetic field“ in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sao Paulo. Single magnet installations or huge grids of coils generate interferences in the Earth’s magnetic field. This series also includes site-specific installations at international exhibitions.



Electromagnet with core of two different metals: copper and nickel. If acid rain falls into the core, a current flow in the winding is created according to the principle of the galvanic element. This generates a magnetic field with a vertically aligned structure. Outdoor use.



de magnete

Exhibition in the gallery Rachel Haferkamp Cologne. Installation with hollow wound square electromagnets, a mural made of copper sheet and a series of field animations.



Spirale di Roma

Saltwater spirals powered by a 12V battery generate temporary concentric magnetic field structures. At 5 locations in Rome.



Variable Magnetic Structure

Large mobile with 12m span fills the exhibition hall with an unstable, chaotic magnetic field structure. Steel tubes of various sizes, ball bearings, steel cables, 12 permanent magnets in acrylic glass housings.



Camp Magnetico Concentrico

Museum of Contemporary Art of Sao Paulo: 22 electromagnets were suspended at a height of 2.50m so that the entire hall was filled with two competing concentric fields. The visitor was offered an invisible spatial structure with two north poles behind the convex curved walls of the museum.




Copper wire winding and galvanic element create a temporary magnetic field structure in an acid environment (Teresina/Brasil Rio Paraiba).




Salt water in a glass fibre plastic channel quotes medieval labyrinths and generates a concentric magnetic field in the exhibition space by means of a 12V power supply.
Municipal Gallery Sigismund Chapel Regensburg



Camp Magnetico Concentrico de Teresina

Created a new concentric field structure with local interference magnets, which has the place of liberty at its centre. Accompanied by an exhibition in the municipal gallery and a catalogue with a text by Christiane Meyer-Stoll.



Unit fills the room with parallel field structure



The magnetic field generator generates a concentric field in the stairwell of the Kunsthaus Glarus/Switzerland.