thermodynamic work


Objects and installations that interfere with the order of a local thermodynamic system. Interferences in public spaces, galleries and using objects.


Projeto t

Local temperature relations are generated in the urban space of Sao Paulo. Urban objects enter into an ideal thermal relationship with their surroundings by heating or cooling them temporarily. Realized with the support of the Goethe Institute Sao Paulo in a two week urban project. Accompanied by a catalogue, documentary film and a catalogue with a text by Herbert Sturm – Academy of Fine Arts Munich.


Sao Paulo Street Piece

During the exhibition, the current temperature of sao Paulo’s streets is generated in a piece of asphalt. Steel frame, asphalt, heating device, control loop


yesterday’s temperatures

The previous day’s temperatures of European cities were reproduced in the studio room. A Juno heater was used for this purpose. The photo documentation is in a private collection.



connecting roads

Temperatures of the connecting roads between Munich and Lisbon


Imaging factor t

temperature images: objects are represented on a metal image surface by their temperatures.