high-frequency works


In the high-frequency work rooms or volumes are processed with regard to their frequency spectrum.



Big Bang Cano

A copper pipe is installed next to a construction site in the Renaissance district of Teresina, Brazil. It isolates the electromagnetic frequency on which the echo of the Big Bang was discovered in 1965. The object is tangential to the globe near the equator and aligned in the direction of the Earth’s rotation.



High frequency container

Standing high frequency waves inserted into the copper tube units – Zagreb, Croatia



Restricted Information Space 83.3MHz

Copper wire is tensioned in the room in such a way that it divides it regularly. An electrical resistor is soldered in each quarter of the length, so that an installation absorbs exactly one electromagnetic wave from the room. The missing frequency corresponds to the width of the room. Munich Ausstellungsraum Balanstraße



Restricted Information Space – Kunstbunker Nürnberg

Absorber units cut a wavelength out of the frequency continuum. Strip metal sheet, electrical resistors.